Working together to sort the issues affecting the parish, resulting from the intensive pig site and AD plant at Broadley Copse, Funtington. 

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A Bit of Background

Whilst the sows in the outlying fields around the parish remain the same, the pig business on the Broadley Copse site has changed.

In August 2015 Basil Baird (Fareham) Ltd and Broadley Energy Ltd applied for planning permission to the South Downs National Park to expand their pig business. Permission was granted in April 2016 to build new pig sheds to increase indoor pig capacity from 2,000 to 12,500. Planning was also given to build two anaerobic digesters to deal with the increased manure waste from the shed pigs. No permission was required to increase the number of outdoor pig numbers on the Broadley Copse site. 

All Basil Baird (Fareham) pigs were sold in November to Ash Farming LLP who now finish (fatten for market) around 50,000 pigs a year in these sheds.



- Weaner piglets are transported onto the site several times a week.
- There are an estimated 4,000-5,000 outdoor pigs on-site, housed in large pigsties.
- The outdoor pigsties are rotated around the site during the year; located to the east nearer Funtington - April to September, and to the west nearer West Stoke - October to March.
- The outdoor pigs feed into the sheds at 35kg, where they are fattened until they are transported for slaughter. 
- The manure and straw bedding from the outdoor pigs is pushed into mounds on-site before being transported in trailers to be spread on surrounding fields.
- There are 12,500 indoor pigs housed in 8 sheds that produce 70 tonnes of manure every day for use in the AD plant. There used to be just 2,000 pigs.
- Manure and straw is scraped out of the sheds every day, held in open-air bunkers for up to 12 hours, before being loaded into a shredder that feeds the anaerobic digesters. 
- The anaerobic digesters use the manure and straw plus rye and maize to create electricity.
- The anaerobic digesters operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



The size and scale of the business is creating a number of issues that affect the local area, and is compounded by its proximity to housing. Issues are not limited to a localised area, as slurry and manure is transposed and spread to a wide area.


  • Strong and persistent odours of pigs and manure are present on a continual basis, and in all parts of the local community.

  • There is an increase in the volume of site traffic (Baird/ASH Farming/Broadley Energy AD and their contractors) through the parish, with large tractors driving at speed creating noise, mess and safety risks. One accident has already occurred. 

  • There is a significant increase in the number of flies people are experiencing in their houses and businesses, with obvious health implications.


  • The increase in the size and scale of the pig production unit requires large quantities of material supplies to be transported frequently through local villages.

  • The slurry lagoons allow stagnant water to collect on top of them with potential health risks.

  • When the Anaerobic Digesters malfunction or are 'down for maintenance', the 70 tonnes of manure produced each day is transported through the community in open-topped trailers and spread on surrounding fields.

  • Frequent Anaerobic Digester maintenance tasks often occur at night. 

  • The site is in the South Downs National Park and is strewn with old pallets, concrete rubble, metal containers, trees and other items that are an eyesore.



It is of paramount importance that everyone who experiences unacceptable nuisance - odour, traffic, flies, noise during the day or night - reports it to The Environment Agency and Environmental Health.

Even if you contact the site operators, it is also important to report your concerns to the agencies so there is an official record which they can act on. 

Call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

Contact Environmental Health via email kgovey@chichester.gov.uk and complete their  Diary Sheets . The diary sheets ask you to rate the nuisance between 1 and 10; if it is smells you are reporting measure it on the following scale: 

0 - no odour

1/10 and 2/10 - very faint odour

3/10 and 4/10 - faint odour 

5/10  - distinct odour

6/10 and 7/10 - strong odour

8/10 and 9/10 - a very strong odour

10/10 - extremely strong odour



Jono Oswin

Bob Mousley

Mandy Shepherd

Alan Chance

Peter Williams

Jane Oswin

The site operators are conducting their own assessment of the operational models. We are raising funds for independent assessments. A bank account is currently being opened by Alan Chance (Leadership Team) and there will be three signatories. All expenditure will be reported here on the website. We will notify you when you can make a donation, which can be done anonymously, so please watch this space for an update. Meanwhile to give us an idea of what will be available to use, please make your pledges through the form opposite.

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